Austin Chapter of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce

Activities 以往活動

This event attracted more than 100 people to celebrate the beginning of the Year of Bull and the reopening of the business. 王偉讚副主任(左二)與會長廖施仁(左一) 台灣點心裁判頒獎給台灣點心創作優勝者張茜平、王姮琦、李美雲

2009 New Year & Lantern Festival

On 10-20-07, this event celebrated the successes of Taiwanese Americans and provided great networking opportunities for attendees. 

2008 Taiwan National Celebration

ACTCC President Schiller Liao (left), TECO-Houston Director Chen-Min Lai, Elizabeth Chang (ACTCC Vice President), and OCAC-Houston Director Ching-Hai Lu at ACTCC’s Lantern Festival Event on February 23, 2008

2008 New Year & Lantern Festival

(右起)  喬教中心盧景海主任, 前北美台商會長胡啟年伉儷、經文處長陳方正伉儷、北美台商會長楊喬生、奧斯丁台商會資深顧問莊為仁國慶合影

2007 Taiwan’s National Celebration

奧斯丁台灣商會  The Information HUB to Taiwan-U.S. Business

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